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Hoang Trang - Hoang Ha Company LTD would like to supply customers with high quality products, delivery on time and competitive prices.

-         The vast raw material source with high quality have been imported from managed-state forests with the international standard.

-         Our company observe the strict manufacturing process and every section of products are tested quality control by Quality Control Team (QCT) who passed training courses  about the quality of products  and accumulated good practical experience in working process. 

-         Improving modern designs of products  in order to meet the demand of customers.

-         Skilled workers have been passed vocational and advanced training course in their work daily.

-         Observing manufacturing process according to the quality management system.



We recognize that world wide clients have high expectation of manufacturer paying attention to the world environment. In order to remain our business more responsible and prestigious, we are not only increase our understanding constanly in  protecting the environment but also execute the policies that prescribe of goverment. Moreover,

realizing environment policy  of our company has been cofirmed by appropriate authorities.

For this reason , we have built our plan for action the following:

-        Trying the best for expanding manufacturing technology to be able to minimize eviromental pollution to air, land and water source.

-         Coordinating organization and representative goverment agency to highten our awareness of protecting evironment at our factory.

-        The vast raw material source come from managed-state forests  that belong to      organization of world managed-state forests .

-         Observing strictly the assessment for Chain – of – Custody.



Our company must obey the regulations of social policy as follows

-        Paying insurance benefit and salary as well as  compensation  according to the law in force to employee.

-         No forced labor, prison labor or illegal child labor are used.

-         No discriminatory treatment  in using employee.

-      Our Company effectuate carefully about requested conditions  in safety at work and conditions of working as well as employee’s health.

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